We can help you navigate around finding the best International Health Insurance Policy

Our independent and expert advisors can inform you of the different providers and their different strengths. We will advise you of how standards of care and facilities vary immensely between countries and continents. The same goes for the kind of benefits provided which can include day, in and out-patient treatment, specialist medicines, dressings, GP costs, dental care, home-nursing and around-the-clock advice and assistance helplines.

Finding the right International Health Insurance Policy
In finding the right international health insurance policy there are things you need to take into account about your own life and circumstances – and then weighing up the pros and cons of the various healthcare policies and providers. In narrowing down the many choices you will face you’ll need think about whether you want or feel you need to benefit from day and out-patient care, or specialist treatments for cancers, heart conditions or mental health issues.

Things you should consider include:

• Which benefits are most important to you? Things like optical, dental and physiotherapy treatment may be included with some international medical insurance policies, or you may be able to add particular care options
• Your medical history will also be taken into consideration, ensuring the right level of cover is in place when needed is essential
• Do you need cover in one or more territories? This is important because providers operate different hospital networks which may be stronger, or weaker, in particular countries and regions
• How much are you able to spend? Think carefully about how much you can afford as clearly the higher level of cover, the higher the premium

We can help you find your International Health Insurance Policy
With so many international health insurance plans available, and with the standards of medical care facilities varying hugely across the world, it’s important that you carefully select the policy that affords you the best protection at the best price. Our team can help guide you to your personal solution and provide ongoing support, be that amending your future protection to meet your changing circumstances or helping you should you need claim on your policy.